This temple represent Buddha’s building. It’s in the area Prambanan sub-district next to the Ratu Boko kingdom. This temple like other temples, have reliefs, images, ornaments, and other characteristic Buddha’s buildings. The name of this temple taken from the name of the local village. It treated very well with local goverment, so this temple into a place attractive to tourist. Many people visit this place to spend of weekend, especially  teenagers. Price admission this place very sheap, it only 2000 rupiahs but it location haven’t parking area for visitors. When I visited there, i didn’t pay admission because the keepers had sympathy of me because i was alone.

Banyunibo Temple


It Buddha’s bulding have Perwara temples, not only one main building. There are some reliefs on the wall. Kallamakara always adorn the door of the temple, and Head Kalla adorn the top side of it. The top side of the building shaped stupa like the other common Buddha’s temples. Perwara temples arounding the main temple are already damaged.