Have you got tindahan experience? it something that make our sleep uncomfortable. It’s like a nightmare which attack you. When you have it, you aware of your sleep but you can’t move your body and can’t open your eyes, such as frozen. That’s so uncomfortable. People say it happened because of ghost disturb our sleep which is make as feel can’t breathe and move such as die. Whats really happened when we got it?

Medically, when we feel can’t move while we sleep it names sleep paralysis or isolate sleep paralysis (ISP). Everybody has chance feel ISP. Usually people experience ISP for the first time when they are 14 – 17 years old. According Al Cheyne from Waterloo University Canada, ISP is kind of hallucination because of the sleep mulfunction in Rapid Eye Movement (REM) phase. Mulfunction happened because our body is very tired and sleep deprivation.

Based on brain waves, sleep divided into 4 phase, lightest sleep, deeper sleep, the ultimate of sleep, and REM. In ISP case, lightest sleep phase jump directly to REM. That’s why we got ISP, and usually it happened when we jus begin comfortable sleep.

When we got it, we was aware, but can’t move our body. This is happened because unsynchronized brain was aware with our body wasn’t aware. Usually ISP happened to stress people, tired, and sleep deprivation. Usually happened with sleep supine.

The thing to watch out if someone is too often an ISP, this can be a symptom of various diseases such as narcolepsy (sudden sleep attacks without signs of sleepiness), sleep apnea (snoring), anxiety, depression, or sleep deprivation.

How to avoid it?

– set a regular sleep pattern everyday. Avoid a sleep deprivation.

– Change, change your sleeping position to minimize the occurrence of ISP because the ISP is common in people who slept supine position.

– Try to live a healthy life physically and psychologically. Stress is the biggest cause of a person suspected of having an ISP. Do not eat most. Do not consume alcohol, caffeine, or smoking before bed because it can disrupt sleep patterns.

– If you feel this sleep disorder is very disturbing, it is better consulted the doctor.



(Syefi Nuraeni Fitriana)