Live far from parents is the choice for self learning. You must manage your finance if you’r parents not give more money. Most college student live independently with the many needs. Sometimes, we parents not give for many. It make we chaos in the financial, we can’t eat badly because the money was gone for other purposes. But, here i’ll tell you 6 ways to survive especially for end of the month.

1. Looking friends for birthday. perhaps there is a treat, if not, forced a treat. A bit cruel but we need to eat.

2. Looking frieands who are heppy. Forced a treat as a sukuran for the reason.

3. Visiting a friend’s house.

4. Debt friends.

5. Cook themselve with a perfunctory.

6. If all the above fails, fasted until the next month.


They’re my friends who do above :

Rizky Ketjap Y
M.Pandu W.M.S