At 1971, this village is part from Kasunanan Surakarta. This name comes from unique history. First there was a concubine of the king unrecognized with kraton and be deported in Kebon Agung. It west have a Opak river, where people looking for a job as a sand miners. At 1997 Opak river used to irrigated the fields to areas Mundung and south Imogiri. Since Opak river used to irrigated can’t mined again. Opak river then built dams and people can’t mined make sand miner have lost their jobs. Lembaga Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Desa (LPMD) inaugurated the dam and used as a tourism sites with name Tegal’s dam. There people used it for many competitions such as painting, dangdut, campursari, and other.

Kebon Agung Tourist Village (KATV) stood at September 30, 2003. The tourists come there will be intruduced many areas such as agriculture, art, handycraft, and village ritual. In agriculture, visitors can feel the rice, hoeing, plowing with water buffalo. These activity are guided directly by local communities. Moreover, Kebon Agung also train all the potential of arts and culture such as karawitan, membatik, pottery painting, and make coconut garnish. Visitors also learn how to make traditional food like geplak, apem, gula jawa, mendoan, cemplon, and other.

Visitors can also try a variety of traditional arts such as gejog lesung dance, lesung theater, reog dance, jathilan dance accompanied gamelan’s music. Moreover, many  water tourism like fishing lele and nila also and dragon boat rowing. At night, visitors can be gathered while burning corn and campfire. On certain occasions, visitors can also follow the village ritual such as kenduri and wiwit.

dragon boat


Visitors not only from domestic but foreign, China, Korea, United Kingdom, Japan, Singapore, and German. They are love with this place, according chairman of the KATV, Mr.Bachroni, “They are very comfortable and want to spend of holiday in Jogja to stay in KATV causes experience of live in village, like back to nature.

Xiao Chang, visiotor from China said about KATV,”You have almost everything here. It’s such a great time i spent here. I played sobak sodor, made jamur, eat yellow rice, and plowed the rice field with buffalo. This experience always remains in my heart. Price of each activity began 7000 – 75000 rupiahs. Activitues offered in the form of individual and group. For group activity quite expensive to achieve 2.500.000 rupiahs, but visitors who play group can pay the dues for mitigate the cost.




(Telisik #9, Bulaksumur Post)