He’s a national heroes and king in Kesultanan Yogyakarta. Born on April 12, 1912 in Sompilan with names Bendoro Raden Mas Darodjatu, he’s son Sultan HB XIII and RA Kustilah. Crowned as the sultan with the title Sampeyan Dalem Ingkang Sinuwun Kanjeng Sultan Hamengkubuwana Senapati Ing Ngalaga Abdurahman Khalifatullah Ingkang Jumeneng Kaping Sanga while he’s 38 years old. He’s first governor’s office in Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta after Indonesia’s freedom and he’s secondly Vice President among 1972-1978, and Head kwartir National Gerakan Pramuka.

Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwana IX


He’s King who opposed the Dutch colonial and support Indonesia’s independence and support Indonesia for give special status to Yogyakarta. He’s smart, when Japan colonial era he forbade for shipment romusha, he tolds citizen to make irrigation Selokan Mataram at the time. He’s descendants of an authoritative court, everyone’s respect for him. Now, aura that he has made Jogjakarta people willing to die for the sake of maintaining the previleges that are so Yogyakarta conversation among goverment.

Sultan HB IX is the person recorded the longest governor in Indonesia between year 1945-1988 and longest sultan Yogyakarta between year 1940-1988. On October 2, 1988 he’s died in George Washington University Medical Center, United States and was buried in funeral of King in Imogiri, Bantul regency, Yogyakarta. He’s crowned national hero on June 8,2003 by Megawati Soekarnoputri as a President.