Barong temple is in the area Sambirejo, Prambanan sub district. It’s divided into 3 pages, page 1 there are 2 temples, and pages 2 and 3 no building anything. The main Barong temples there are 2 temples on the terrace. 2 temples were sized 8.18 x 8.18 m and height 9.05 m. The building refurbished in 1987 until 1992. During the restoration found several statues, the two statues Wisnu, the two statues Sri, the two statues unidentified, and Ganesya statue. Barong temple was built on the site 9-10 BC.

Barong Temple


My first visited on July 2, 2011 with my friends. We look for these buildings look like in the labyrinth. Road to the temple up and down and dusty, about 2 hours we were able to find it.

Barong temple looks like Ijo temple which is Hindu building. But, the court of the temple looks like with Ratu Boko kingdom. The building is located on the mountain; you can enjoy the scenery around. You not will regret visiting this temple.

Mini info:

–         Location          : Candisari, Candirejo, Prambanan

–         Type                : Hindu building

–            HTM                : Free