The tenth day when the war, Bisma is so awesome with his power. 10.000 kings were dying with him. Bisma angry when the war caused pandawa have to unite. Pandawa are not able to fight Bisma, than told Srikandi for fight him. Bhagawan Ganggatmaja closer to Yudhistira then said:

“My grandchild Yudhistira, you are smart, judicious, hear me; Dharma and Surga you have learned. I lost my bravery, it’s not my time for the war, it’s not my time for kill my enemy, told Arjuna to advance as Srikandi.”

Yudhistira knows that expression looks like Bhagawan Bisma. Yudhistira came forward to tell all. Srikandi attacked Bisma look likes the hawk looking the prey. Bisma killed all the kings, then Srikandi closer with her anger. Srikandi archery repeatedly and Bisma hold it all, looks like Magha Phalguna killed the cows. Arjuna speared Bisma similar Wisnu. Bisma died, and remove the smell of fragrant flower. Arrow Arjuna killed Bisma and dropped from his horse drown carriage. Bisma said;

“My child, your arrows likes a thunder and destroyed my body”