Kalijaga lives in the Kingdom Demak, about 15 a century. The real names Raden Sahid, son of Adipati Tuban, Tumenggung Wilatikta, or Raden Sahur. He’s a descendant of a religious Hindu Ranggalawe. He knows Islam from religions since childhood teachers in Tuban. As a young duke, his life is very prosperous. But he feels the world is not fair when he saw his people suffering, and then he stole the food in the warehouse for distribution to the public. Sahid action is known by his father, he was expelled out of the house.

Sunan Kalijaga


After being driven from home, he went to the Jatiwangi forest and join with Brandal Lokajaya  robber. They stole the treasures of the rich, then distributed to the public. Brandal Lokajaya become famous and a Majapahit coveted. Some friends captured by the government until running out of personnel.

Captured of personnel Brandal Lokajaya, make this group disbanded due to lack of personnel. Sahid meet with Sunan Bonang after the group disbanded, and he makes Sunan Bonang as the teacher. Sunan Bonang provide conditions if Sahid want to become his student. Sahid must keep the stick under water fall in the river. As a long time Sahid kept the stick, than Sunan Bonang making Raden Sahid the student and give the names Kalijaga. Sunan Bonang invited Kalijaga to deepen the religious.

After studying long enough to Sunan, Kalijaga becomes Mubaligh and the big Wali. Kalijaga be famous as humanist, because he introduce Islam to the cultural mix. He makes shirt for pray, macapat music, and lir ilir songs. He also told Sunan Bayat as his student to makes Bedug, and he makes a ritual religion such as Grebeg Maulud, then he makes puppet with Islam story likes Jimat Kalimasada, Dewa Ruci, Petruk dadi Ratu.