Siva in Hindu believes as the supreme god and many devotees. Myth Siva can be found in some Hindu religious scriptures that, Brahman book, Mahabharata, Purana, and religion. In the oldest book of Hindu, Veda Samhita, although Siva names never be included, but actually there has been a form Siva, that names Rudra. In Reg-Veda mention Rudra as God of destruction and classified as subordinate deities. Rudra known as cause of death, and he knows as a rulers hurricanes. To prevent it, in a special worship Rudra. At that time, Indra as supreme god. In Brahmana books, Rudra named Siwa, and his position increased as the main god.

Bhatara Siwa


Satapatha-Brahmana books tell about the birth of Rudra. Prajapati is head of family, and have a son. Since birth, he always cries, because he hasn’t a name. Then Prajapati gave him the name Rudra, which means crying.

In Mahabharata, Siwa more commonly referred as Mahadewa, that’s supreme god among other. Mahabharata also explain the origin of the title thus Siwa. At a time, the Gods ordered Siwa to kill the evil in Tripura. The gods gave half the strength in Siwa to kill the evil, and then Siwa appointed as supreme god after kill the evil.

Characteristic features of the statue of Siwa:

1. Siwa wearing a tiger skin, because he had killed the tiger that attacked and makes the skin as the suit.

2. Siwa wearing a snake likes jewerly, because he had captured a snake that attacked and making jewelry.

3.  Siwa uses kijang and parasu, because he had beat kijang and parasu from priests.

4. Siwa wearing Bulan Sabit as jewelry, because the story about Santiran as God of Moon who was married with Datohan daughters.

5. Siwa using a bull as a vehicle, because Siwa is imprisoned in the world exposed to milk from cows who are breastfeeding, Siwa is not so angry, Daksa who has a cow, giving a bull in Siwa for a vehicle.