Brahma is a god who occupies first place in the Trimurti, Brahma as a creator the world. In the Veda, Brahma created the world while all the veiled a darkness. He created water, and then spread the plant seeds. From the plant seeds, gold eggs appear like the sun shining. From the eggs Brahma was born which is a manifestation of the creator. According Vishnu Purana books, that gold egg is a place the creator for thousands of years which finally broke out, and Brahma appear as a world creator.



Brahma likes a Siva and Vishnu, have a many names. The animals which wearing a vehicle of gods, that manifestation nature of the god. Hamsa is “freedom” symbol that is a freedom for immortal likes a Brahma nature. Brahma known as the four heads, which is a symbol of the four Vedas.

Matsya Purana as a holy book explains that five heads of Brahma, but only four heads causes cut Siva. In the book is told that Brahma created a woman from his body, which names Satarupa. She’s beautiful, and Brahma interested her, so Satarupa continues saw. Satarupa which was being looked go right away. Brahma feels as supreme gods ashamed to look into right away. Because that, Brahma second head appears on the right. When Satarupa to the left, then to behind, and finally fifth head appears on the top while Satarupa flew.

Padma Purana book explains when Brahma and Vishnu being at odds, then Siva comes arbitrate both, and wish their granted. Brahma feels very happy that forget to give respect. Siva dislike toward Brahma, then cut of one head Brahma with finger nails left, and Siva said: “This head too bright would be difficulties in the world, because the light more than a thousand sun shine.”