Ijo temple was in the Piyungan area, around the Ratu Boko complex, Prambanan sub district. This temple is Hindu building such as Barong temple and Prambanan temple. Ijo temple is the have a highest location than other temples, at altitude 357,402 m – 395,481 m above sea level. This temple has a terrace pages that remember a megalithic era. This building built in VIII-X BC seen from the type of ornament, statue, and that construction.

Ijo temple with Perwaras


Based on the research conducted at the site of Ijo temple that at this site there 17 building constructions located on 11 terraces. Page of the temple is entrance to the main building that terraces the longitudinal. Uppermost terrace is sacred page that there is a fence around, 8 linggas, 1 main building, and 3 perwaras building.  On the wall of main building has a place for Agastya statue, Durga statue, and Ganesya statue. In the main building there is a Lingga Yoni symbolizing of Siva with Parwati. So this temple has a Sivaisme background, used as a place of worship to Siva in the form lingga.



In the perwaras building, have a Nandisvara statue in middle place, yoni statue in the south or left place, and the stone on which offerings in the north or right place. Under this temples have another building which is parts of Ijo temple, but that building still in the process of restoration.



Mini info:

1. Location      : Gumuk Ijo village, Prambanan sub district

2. Type            : Hindu building

3. HTM            : free entrance