Durga in Hindu mythology as goddess of hideous. Durga considered as an incarnation of Parwati or Uma in the form krodha. Durga praised for the getting victory and salvation. Durga created by the gathering of Siwa, Wisnu, and other gods. When Indra becomes the king of the gods, while Mahisa is the head of the asuras, the gods were defeated by the asuras in the war, Mahisa later became a king. The gods who lost, and then Brahma raise as a leader. Brahma and the gods report to the Siwa and Wisnu. Siwa and Wisnu became angry after heard defeat at the news. Out the large power of Siwa and Wisnu the creation Durga.

Durga statue in the Badut temple


Durga shape face of Siwa power, hair shape of Yama power, hands shape of Wisnu power, breast shape of Candra power, stomach is made up of Surya power, fingers shape of Vasu power, Teeth grow because of the Prajapati strength, third eye shape of Agni power, while her ears shape of Bayu power.

Durga like a war machine the gods, she’s equipped weapon of gods:

1. Wisnu provides his chakra;

2. Varuna gifts a sankha;

3. Agni handed sakti;

4. Maruta provides dhanu and sara;

5. Indra gifts a wajra and genta;

6. Yama handed his stick;

7. Bayu gifts a pasa;

8. Prajapati provide necklace of shell;

9. Brahma provides amarta;

10. Surya gifts a shine;

11. Kala provides khadaga and khetaka;

12. King of snake gift a necklace shape of snake with jewel;

13. Himavat provide a lion become the vehicle

Durga was ready to fight with Mahisasura.