Syefi Nuraeni Fitriana

In this time, I will introduce my friend to you. She helped me in writing the article and the result of her writings, I uploaded on my blog. She studies in pharmacy Gadjah Mada University. She wrote some healthy articles on my blog. Her articles interested to be read by us and that articles have high rating. Some article that I have been uploaded is Sleep Paralysis, Kafeinologi, Migraine, and Diet based on blood type.

Her name is Syefi Nuraeni Fitriana, 21 years old, live in Jogjakarta. She was studied in Teladan High School Yogyakarta. She is a secretary in Bulaksumur Press Community.

This article I dedicated to her because helped me in writing some article on my blog. Thank for All to Syefi Nuraeni Fitriana.