Ganesha have a many names based on the shape of his body, including the Vignesvara or Vighnaraja, that means “author hurdle” (Vighna = hurdle; isvara = king, author). The birth of Ganesha is expected to maintain the gods from the asuras. There are 2 versions about the birth of Ganesha, firstly, Ganesha was born as a man who is handsome, and secondly, Ganesha was born as a man which elephant head.



Ganesha created by Siwa at the request of Indra and other gods. When the gods attacked the asuras, they had a large power to defend.

When the asuras fervently adored Siwa, the asuras wish strength to Siwa. After their petition was granted, the asuras attack the gods. Nobody of gods can against the asuras. The gods appealed to Siwa to create creatures that can fight the asuras. Siwa created a young man who is handsome that birth from Parvati. He’s name is Vighnesvara, and he was born with a large power. The asuras defeated with him and Parvati proud it. Vighnesvara invite the gods for admire his face. God Sani looks his face and then have been burned to ashes the head of Vighnesvara. Brahma entertaining Parvati not to grieve for the child with the promise that the head of the first animal discovered to be rescued.

Actually, there are many other stories about mythology Ganesya, but I can’t tell you here, it’s so long stories for one post blog. Next time, I promise to tell you that story. Now, I will tell you about mythology Ganesya about broken tusk.

When Siwa slept in the palace, while Parasurama comes. Ganesya thought Parasurana would disturb Siwa. Ganesya exclude Parasurama so that they fought. Ganesya pushed Parasurama with his tusk, and then Parasurama broke his tusk with his axe.