Sumatra Classic Weapon

Dagger dvided into 2 types. Firstly, Dagger with a damascene blade, its back straight and the cutting edge slightly curved. The handle is made of brass, with an otuse angel bend, and has ornaments of a sarmentous design. The sheat is made of wood covered overall with brass, itself ornamented. Length of dagger is sheat: 39.7 cm; handle: 14.6 cm; sheat: 27 cm. Secondly, Dagger with a strong backed, straight blade, smooth and without ornament. The curved handle is smooth and light brown, with an ornamentally moulded and slightly rounded band on the upper side. Between the handle and the blade is narrow brass clasp simply engraved. The sheat is made of light brown wood, and below the simply carved bulge at the top is a decoratively plants, arranged so that of the first group of three rings the first ring is light coloured and the next two are dark. The second group of three rings is dark. The next group consist of four rings, the two outer ones being dark and the two inner ones light. The last pair has one dark and one light coloured ring. Length of dagger in sheat: 37.5 cm; length of blade: 25.2 cm; lenth handle of sheat: 31.3 cm.