Ken Dedes statue in Singosari temple

Ken Dedes is wife from king of Singasari empire whose name is Ken Arok.  She considered as king of Java ancestor by Dinasty Rajasa that dominated in Singasari and Majapahit empire. Local tradition explained her as a woman has a beautiful face and perfectly. Ken Dedes is a Mpu Purwa daughters, he is a Buddha priest from Panawijen village. One day Tunggul Ametung stay in her house and then he falling love with Ken Dedes. And then Tunggul Ametung kidnap her while her fathers nothing. Mpu Kanwa curse of Tunggul Ametung will die because of her beauty.

Tunggul Ametung has a bodyguard whose name is Ken Arok. One day Tunggul Ametung and Ken Dedes traveling in Baboji jungle. When she down from the carriage, her skirt opened so that her pussy of shine lokked by Ken Arok. After that, Ken Arok tell that info to his teacher whose name is Lohgawe, he is a India priest. According Lohgawe, a woman which has that character called nareswari that predicted will decrease a kings. After hearing the information, Ken Arok has ambition to married with Ken Dedes.

With kris made of Mpu Gandring, Ken Arok can murdered Tunggul Ametung while he slept. But Kebo Ijo the blame about it and then Ken Arok become a king and marry with Ken Dedes. When become Ken Arok wifes, she was pregnant by Tunggul Ametung.