lingga yoni in Sambisari temple

One of form Siva that prominent is Lingga. In the niche on the wall south or center must placed of lingga. It is symbol of Siva while yoni is a symbol of Parvati as a Siva’s wife. Main aspect lingga represent of fire or light that authority and power manifestation while yoni represent of earth. Fire and earth that two point clash such as positive and negative in electricity but if they met such as a boy and girl, both will bring energy. In the Hindu iconography, lingga as fire symbolized identical with a power and authority had a king.

Lingga has two versions


Story begins from Vishnu sleeping in the water. And then dazzle approach Vishnu sleeping. That dazzle is Brahma with human form of golden that has 4 faces. Brahma introduces his self as a creator of the world. Vishnu woke up and answered that the actual he was a created and maintained the world. That statement made a conflict both of them. And then emerged lingga in the fire from the north. That fire so scared with 100 flames tongue that penetrates the sky and the earth. And then Brahma and Vishnu make a deal anyone who finds tip of the flame the first time that will get a creator of the world.

And then Brahma turn into a swan and fly look for it while Vishnu turns into a pig and look for by dig a hole for finds tip of the flame. During 1000 years for hunt a tip of the flame no result both of them. Their fears lingga against makes both decide for yoga and read and chant of praise to supreme of god. After that Siva appear by bringing a bow and a trident. Siva satisfied with Vishnu and Brahma who already adore.

Siva gives grace to Brahma as creator the world and Vishnu as a keeper the world. Siva said also all their wishes will be granted, and then their kneeling at the feet of Siva and their pray to Siva forever.


Based on Suprabhedagama.

Story begins from when Siva walking in Meru downhill without a clothes past the sages wife worship. Look his handsomeness of Siva sage’s wife fall in love with him so that wives loss of holiness. It makes sages angry and condemn to Siva. “Hopefully your lingga/phallus falls”. And then Siva’s lingga falls splitting of the earth then Parvati accepted with yoni forms. See it makes gods worried if Siva angry and then gods down to earth and try for lingga revered by humans.

Basic manufacture of lingga

Hindu religion believe that the world have 3 light, that sun, flash, and fire. Their unsure basis manufacture of lingga.

  1. Rudrabhaga, that top round symmetrical.
  2. Vishnubhaga, that the center of the square shaped with a symmetrical base.
  3. Brahmabhaga, that the bottom of the rectangular.

Kind of lingga in other temples

lingga in Ijo temple (Jogja)lingga in Badut temple (Malang) lingga in Gebang temple (jogja)