Drupadi and her husbands

Yudhistira is a Pandawa’s old brother. He is incarnation from Yama. He is son from Kunti and Pandu. His character is a wise, fair, and hasn’t an enemy. He is a Maharaja Bharata generation. He becomes a king after Bratayuddha war in kurukshetra. He has a wife that names Drupadi which also wife of Pandawa. Yudhistira is figure who deserves to be a guideline. After Bratayuddha wars and Pandwa get a wins, Yudhistira travel to Himalaya Mountain as a holy place together with a Pandawa’s brother. And then he can get a heaven although without his brother.

Yudhistira / Puntadewa

Bima is a second son from Kunti and Pandu. Mean of Bima in Sanskrit language is a scared. Other name of Bima is Werkudara that mean like eat, he is incarnation from Bayu of God. Bima has a high power than other. He has a high body, hand strength, and his face like a monster. He has a good heart and clever play bludgeon that names Rujakpala. Pandawa need him for get a wins from Kurawa in Bratayuddha wars. He has a wife that names Arimbi then born a son that names Gatotkaca. Bima has also other son that names Antasena and Antareja but died before Bratayuddha wars. Bima often appear in puppet story. Bima identified with the force in the real world and he often famous with his Kuku Pancanaka. In the end of Bratayuddha wars he can defeat Duryodhana as a leader of Kurawa. Bima hit leg of Duryodhana with his bludgeon and then he drunk a blood of Duryodhana as a form of promise to Drupadi who had been humiliated by Duryodhana.

Bima / Werkudara

Arjuna is a third son from Kunti and Pandu. He is incarnation from Indra of God. Arjuna is specialist with his arrow; nobody can defeat him about it. He considered a good knight by Dorna as a teacher of Pandawa and Kurawa. He is a footstool in Bratayuddha wars by Pandawa. Arjuna has a many names such as Dhanajaya, Kirti, Partha, Janaka, and other. He identified with handsomeness. He has many wives but that often appear in Bratayuddha story is Srikandi, Drupadi, Supraba, and other. Actually Arjuna has another brother in addition to Pandawa that a name is Karna as a commander in Kurawa (next explanation). Arjuna and Srikandi can defeat a Bhisma as a General in Kurawa by their arrow. He has a son that names Abimanyu. In the future Abimanyu will replace Yudhistira as a king of Astina.

Arjuna / Janaka

Nakula and Sadewa is a twin sons from Madrim and Pandu. They are incarnation from Aswin of God as treatment of god. Sadewa is smaller than Nakula. Anter Pandu died, Nakula and Sadewa grow together with Yudhistira, Bima, and Arjuna. They raised by Kunti and study together with Kurawa in Astina empire. Nakula and Sadewa are a good brother, they always obedient with their brother. Drupadi said to Nakula if he is a handsome boy in the world and loyal with his brother. He clever play a sword. Nakula, Sadewa, Arjuna, and Bima had died when they drunk a poison. And then Yudhistira invoke to the god for raise all and they life again. Yudhistira said to Sadewa that he is a wise. In a masquerade in Matsya empire, Sadewa became a cattle herders.