Niwatakawaca as a monster will attack the Indra’s heaven. The monster can’t defeated by Gods or other monsters. Indra asks to human to beat the beat a monster. Arjuna is a chosen of Indra while he going to meditation in Indrakila Mountain, but Indra must make a test to Arjuna. Seven angels go down to disturb the meditation of Arjuna. Supraba is one of seven angels which disturbing Arjuna meditation. She disturbs the meditation with a way to dance in front of Arjuna, but useless. And then, Supraba is come back to heaven and report to Indra that she has failed.


Indra is happy heard that information from Supraba, because Arjuna is chosen of truth. One more again which make curious of Indra, is he doing the meditation just for his life and no respect with other. And then, Indra goes to meditation place with old man form, and he greeted to Arjuna. On the first meet of both, they make the conversation about the truth of pleasure and authority. Actually, form of pleasure in the world is illusion, in the act, heaven is place of truth, and you can get the pleasure there. The old man is affirming to Arjuna, that the only of purpose in doing the meditation is doing the obligation as a knight. After told to Arjuna, Indra with the old man form, he is come back to the heaven and Arjuna is continuing the meditation.

Niwatakawaca heard the information about Arjuna which mediation in Indrakila Mountain. He sends a monster the names Muka to killing the Arjuna. With the pig form, he destroys the jungle around Arjuna meditation place. And then, Arjuna brings the weapon and get out from the cave of meditation place. At the same time, Siwa heard Arjuna doing the well-meditation, he changes the form be a hunter. At the same time, Arjuna and a hunter are archery together to the pig and make the pig die. Two arrows into one and killed the pig. Arjuna and a hunter are quarrel and fight both of them. And then, a hunter change the form with Siwa forms and Arjuna adore to Siwa. Because of Arjuna doing the meditation, Siwa gives the arrow with a big power that names Pasopati, he tells to Arjuna about the trick to use an arrow, and then Siwa disappears.

Not long ago, apsara comes to Arjuna with a letter for invite him. The purpose of letter is God asks Arjuna to helping the Gods to killing the Niwatakawaca. And then Arjuna goes to the Gods place with apsara. Indra explains to Arjuna about the letter, that the monster names Niwatakawaca just can kill by Arjuna. Supraba helps Arjuna to killing the monster.

Supraba and Arjuna are good partnership to killing Niwatakawaca. Supraba seduces Niwatakawaca to looking the weakness of Niwakatawaca. After Supraba knows his weakness, Arjuna attacks the Niwakatawaca and gets the win.

Indra gives an appreciation to Arjuna which defeated the monster. During seven month, Arjuna gets the pleasure such as a king in Indra’s empire. Arjuna also marries with Supraba as a gift.