Duryudana king of Astina make a party in siniwakan agung who also Durna, Karna, Sengkuni, and kurawas attended. They speak about his dreams that will go down a Makhutarama apocalypse in Kutharunggu. The empire that get the Makhutarama apocalypse will be states that justice and prosperous. The citizens will not suffer and get the God protected. Duyudana heard the information and he sends Karna and his squad to go looking for the apocalypse in Kutharunggu.

At the same time Anoman learning to Kesawasidhi in Kutharunggu. Kesawasidhi assign to Anoman for keep a place of meditation. When Kesawasidhi being meditation, Karna arrived with the squad for meet to Kesawasidhi. Karna purpose intercepted with Anoman and brothers, because he make an appointment with Kesawasidhi to keep the place of meditation. And then, Karna and Anoman wars there appear many victims in their troops. Karna under pressure then use a Kunthawijaya weapon to hit Anoman. And then, Anoman fly to the wind, and he slid down to pick up a Kunthawijaya weapon, which like a nuclear for now.

Karna defeated Anoman, and then he come back with a shame and a sad because his weapon eliminated by Anoman. When entry the jungle, Arjuna intercepted by monsters so that make a fight both of them but the monsters defeated Arjuna and he went on his way to kutharunggu. The people in Amerta empire felt sad because Arjuna and Kresna not there. Puntadewa send Bima to found Kresna and Gatotkaca ordered to found Arjuna. Arjuna has not returned made Srikandi and Subadra as a wife feel a sad. Srikandi and Subadra invoke to God for knows Arjuna where. And then Bhatara Narada comes to Srikandi and Subadra. He gives a miracle both of them. Srikandi and Subadra becomes a young knight who names Subadra as Shintawaka and Srikandi as Madusubrata. After that, Shintawaka and Madusubrata go to Kutharunggu to found Arjuna.

Arjuna goes to meditation place after Kesawasidhi finished the meditation. Anoman report to Kesawasidhi about Anoman has fought with Karma because he intercepted Karna to meet with Kesawasidhi being meditation. Anoman also report to Kesawasidhi if he picked up Kunthawijaya weapon from Karna then give to Kesawasidhi.

Kesawasidhi heard the Anoman report, and then he advice to Anoman that actions wrong but Kesawasidhi no angry with him. Because when Anoman fought with Karna whereas Kesawasidhi just instructed him to guard the meditation place moreover Anoman stole Karna’s weapon. Anoman actions embarrassed Karna as a General in Kurawa troops. And then Kesawasidhi sends Anoman to meditation in Kendhalisada till forgiven the Gods.

After Anoman has gone, Arjuna arrived in Kutharunggu and met Kesawasidhi. And then Arjuna explains his purpose comes in meditation place in Kutharunggu to get the Makhutarama apocalypse. Kesawasidhi heard Arjuna purpose and then he tells the instruction to Arjuna and he says that Makhutarama apocalypse is Rama science when he leads in Pancawatidhendha as a king.

King of Rama very respected by the people because he has a HASTA BRATA science. A leader or the king who hold HASTA BRATA science while be a supreme of human in the population, he still victorious, justice, and prosperous.

The means of HASTA BRATA is eight characters to be a king. After Kesawasidhi explained the means of HASTA BRATA science switch over be Kresna and send Arjuna to restore Karna’s weapon which stole by Anoman while fight both of them. And then Arjuna and Kresna come back to Amarta Empire. But in the way back, Arjuna and Kresna met Shintawaka and Madusubrata with Gatotkaca and Setyaki. Shintawaka and Madusubrata challenge to Arjuna because they angry with her husband. They fought on the road to Amarta, but Arjuna defeated by Shintawaka and Madusubrata. And then Kresna tells to Arjuna that actually there are wives of Arjuna. After Arjuna knows they are wives, Arjuna hugs both of them.